Snape Helps Sick Harry FanfictionHe held one up to Harry's nose. harry is victoire father fanfictionnavarro cheer daytona 2022 score. A wayward prank directed at the snake has an unintended outcome, bringing feelings to light James had not considered before. Takes Place: 0 - Pre Hogwarts (before Harry is 11), 1st summer before Hogwarts - Snape flavour: None. After the war, Snape is in a coma in St. She runs away from her abusive father who adopted her and is found by a witch called Minerva. Dear Severus Snape (Snarry Fanfiction) Fanfiction. Though notable for its convoluted narrative and . Hermione snickered as Ginny walked back over and sat down on Harry's bed, making no effort to cover herself. This is my first Harry Potter fic. AU, implied child abuse, neglect, possible CP, Sev raises Harry. Guilty of all the blood on his hands, he seeks a way to deal with his grief. When Harry was snatched and being hold in a cell by the death eaters, Snape is ordered to rescue him by any means. From kisses and romance, to illness and tears, how on earth will the grumpy old Potions Proffesor cope?. With a job at Hogwarts, he makes friends the with adults from his youth like Albus and Minerva, and deals with old enemies. This story has action, adventure, humor and romance! Slash scenes are well marked. Rickman in 2011 had told HitFix that Rowling had given him 'one tiny, left of field piece of information' about Snape. What he learns is much more disturbing than a simple sickness. Harry potter dies from neglect fanfiction. This is OOTP compliant and is set about two weeks after it finishes. I can't remember the last time someone touched me without the intention of causing me pain. Harry Snape by Lily Snape 2020 [ Reviews - 23] The night that Harry James Potter became the boy who lived it changed Severus Snape's life forever. In the fan-authored story he was reading, there was redemption for Snape, copious amounts of intimate scenes—one of which involved a deceased . It’s called “A House Elf’s Needs. Snape quickly turned back to the boy in his arms. In the story, Harry and Draco both get the potion on themselves and have to go into Snape's office and strip off their robes to get the potion off of themselves. After Voldemort killed her, Snape secretly changed sides and agreed to help Dumbledore protect Harry from Voldemort. True enough, the famous lightning shaped scar was leaking blood in amazing speed. ; Kingsley Shacklebolt first appears in Year 2 to help catch Peter Pettigrew, three years before his first appearance in canon. Members Who Liked Whoops Also Liked. Snape and the classroom of toddlers// Harry Potter Fanfic. Little Severus and Remus guardian. Snape and the classroom of toddlers// Harry Potter Fanfic Fanfiction. A potion that makes the taker confused and reckless. As they recover, truths and revelations come to the surface. Summary: Harry gets sick of the way Snape is always picking on Neville and the other Gryffindors. harry saves the dursleys fanfictionnavarro cheer daytona 2022 score. LF Vampire Harry Potter Fanfiction (please help, I'm. Harry James Potter lives his not-so-normal life at the Dursleys, and survives with the letters that are sent to him every year. Snape Harry, Severus Snape, Hp Fanfiction, Comic, Illustration, Drarry, Harry Potter, Fanart, Ship pin director of Hogwarts by NesCafe916 on deviantART | OTP - One There are two main things in the books that make it impossible (or at least very unlikely) that Harry is Snape's. Time fractures during the GoF scene where Mrs Norris is found petrified, and Harry is replaced by much older. Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter fanfic). Needing help on their homework, Kris and Erin, headed down to the Potions classroom to get help from their favorite teacher. Amor Fati OR The Rehabilitation of Severus Snape Chapter 3, a. Answer (1 of 9): Should a Harry Potter Quoran who is tired of the constant attacks against Severus Snape quit Quora and put the community on mute? I think there are better solutions. Secondly, she was the twin of the Harry Potter. We've organized 52 selections of the best Harry Potter fan fiction. Reading List; 122 Stories; At The Battle of Hogwarts Harry is given a choice to be selfless in a way that will alter everything we know. The first part of your description sounds like The Definition of Home by Oliver. Harry, feeling surprisingly clear-headed considering Ginny was bouncing around the room without a stitch of clothing on, went over and picked up two more of the vials. ALWAYS (Harry Potter fanfiction) (Snape fanfiction) Fanfiction. Draco hits his head and wakes up in a world where he's a Gyffindor and Harry is a Slytherin. "Potter, you lunatic," Snape mumbled under his breath and he cast a charm on Harry, making him fall to the ground a little slower. The creatures decide they have had enough of wizards thinking they know best. The Mystery Wife by Petronius Arbiter and Lucinda Lovegood. Luna's eyes registered brief surprise. For one thing, she hated the summer holidays more than any other time of year. Harry then ends up hiding under Snape's desk so that Draco and Snape don't discover his abuse. "Harry'shisthe scar!" Ron blurted. She is friends with one of the Weasley twins but hates the other one. On Christmas Eve, an unwanted child is left in a manger and found by a young Potions Master, changing both their lives forever. Snape comes to take care of him before his memory is erased. Due to the short distance between them, the light hit Harry in a split second, right at his forehead. I'm reading the perfectly normal series and I'm sick of Harry ignoring. He heard a small hissing sound and felt Harry's bottom become a little warm. Also in their makeshift family are Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, and Ben Black, boy wizard and son of Sirius's Muggle bride. The boy who lived, chained by a prophecy. Snape set himself in the rocking chair with Harry's blanket and stuffies and put him in a rocking position so he could feed the bottle to him more easily. Harry finds more ways to surprise his father, and a school full of students. Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos 3301 - 3320 of 12475 Works in Harry Potter/Severus Snape. to punish you while you are sick," Snape's cold, low voice wasn't helping. Severus sat down on the bed and lifted Harry's face up and tipped the cup in his mouth. With his adult knowledge on the upcoming war hidden inside his 15 year old body, he finds his way back to Lily, and his new position in the wizarding world. Whelp II The Wrath of Snape by jharad17. He begins to write letters to the late Severus Snape, wishing he was able to reconcil. It's called "A House Elf's Needs. FemHarry is not the Girl-Who-Lived. Harry, however, did listen to Snape's footsteps, noting how loud and clumsy they sounded compared to his usual very graceful walk. Professor, Please Help Chapter 5: Suspicious Snape, a harry. Harry Detention Potter Sick Fanfiction. Familiarity, Snape is sent to look after a sick Draco, and can't help thinking But he is able to help Remus in other ways. Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. Arabella and Elena put the same jeans that they were using the day before and a clean shirt with the same cloak. Snape'll have his hands full, raising and protecting his son. LF Vampire Harry Potter Fanfiction (please help, I'm really in the mood to read it) Prompt: Snape and Lily sit in a different compartment on the Express, and thus, don't meet James and Sirius. Part of my 100 Drabbles project. snape, but no where in that story does Harry get sick from . And finally, he gets to leave the Dursleys in his Guardian Angel's arms, never to return. Vernon Dursley Being an Asshole. " "Dobby stretches, sir!" the ho. snape accidentally kills harry fanfiction florida gators swimming mayo 1, 2022. Snape stiffened for a moment but then relaxed and return the embrace, wrapping his arms around the small frame of the sobbing boy. Fanfic / Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past. snape accidentally kills harry fanfiction. 2022人気新作 【セール】Sund OP / サンドワンピース. Harry's New Guardian (A Snape Mentor/Adopts Harry Fanfic. Now forced into a sub-alliance within the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius Black and Hogwarts Headmaster Severus Snape are living with their wives Colleen and Rhiannon in a charming house in coastal Scotland. leading to her to seek out Professor Snape for help. That the only truly bad spell was the killing curse because you had to really want what you were casting at it to die. The slightest cold turned the boy into a miserable mess, crying at the slightest cough and hiding in a pile of blankets all day when his temperature rose above 37 degrees. Back in the Marauders era, James Potter drives sustenance from harassing the thin Slytherin, Severus Snape. Totally okay with Dark stories, dub/non-con, dark/gray Harry, Bad Dumbledore, m/m, m/m/m, or more. ' Shooting her one last protective glance, Harry left the room and she and Snape were alone once more. Harry walked out of the dorm and down to the Common Room. Since Harry retains his knowledge of how to use the Knight Bus from the books and the Bad Future, Stan Shunpike shows up in Year 1 when Harry uses the Knight Bus to travel from London to Surrey and back. Snape is sick and needs to escape from a certain someone. " "And why, exactly, would that be cause to 'kill you'?" There was another hand on his forehead, then the covers were pulled back and a hand cupped his cheek. More about "snape helps sick harry fanfiction recipes". Soon after rescuing 7-year-old Harry from the abusive Dursleys, Severus Snape starts his teaching career at Hogwarts. Alan Rickman played Snape in the "Harry Potter" films. Along with matters of conflicts, family, duties and guilt. Choices by Alannis ( 433293) M - WIP 32 chapt Jul04. Professor Snape had said nothing bad would happen if one of his mates rejected him, but Harry had never hurt this badly before in his life. If you're trying to find the best Harry Potter fanfiction stories on the market, you should be aware that the entire world of Harry Potter fanfic is vast and all-encompassing. Fanfic: Like Father, Like Son, Harry Potter. Harry wondered about what he should do first. Ron said, “So—Snape was sick?” Harry nodded. help raise the son of his worst enemy. Sick little Harry by Jan_AQ Summary: Little Harry Potter is very sick at 4 Privet Drive. Rickman in 2011 had also told HitFix that Rowling had given him 'one tiny, left of field piece of information' about Snape. " Severus whispered in the distraught boy's ear. Snape saw the boy hit the ground. Thank you for taking care of me sir, but don't forget to take care of yourself," Harry responded as Snape left the room, whispering the last part so his professor couldn't hear it. (A rewrite of an old fanfic of mine. As usual, he rushes in where angels fear to tread. The only thing, it seemed, that could make Harry feel better when he's feeling ill is his boyfriend, Louis. Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter fanfic) Fanfiction. "Harry's sick Sir, he won't get up and he feels really hot. With the ever-optimistic Albus Dumbledore being no help whatsoever, Severus decides that desperate measures need to be taken. On this day, he brings Albus Severus to see the man he was named for. Severus sat down on the bed and lifted Harry's face up and tipped . Home | Recent | Browse | Authors | Search | Challenges | Fiction Stats | Links | Login |. The force of the collision brought Harry flying past the desk to slam into the wall. Her hands began to tingle with panic and her eyes welled with tears. Snape repeated forcibly and watched as Harry's eyes shot open and he recoiled back from Snape. Potter, do you need anything?" Harry was crying and he sniffed loudly. Snape and Harry Gen Fanfiction Archive. When he looked at him, he saw his worst enemy and rivalry, James Potter - in every move, his posture, his hair…. Between The Lines (complete) Author: who_la_hoop Rated 17+. Snape conjured a box of tissues. 19 September, 1979)1 was an English Muggle-born3 witch born to Mr and Mrs Granger. Alastair (the sorting hat) has decided, in the golden trio's 4th year, to resort Harry Potter. " To demonstrate, here's a quote from the book: "Yeh're too small, Dobby," he explained. cannot mount none read-only 4:31 am 4:31 am. A poisonous brew of unknown exact effect. Posted by By at 22 October, at 10 : 50 AM respawnables heroes apk vision respawnables heroes apk. How will Harry and the rest react. Imagine this horrid toad comparing herself to his beautiful, brilliant mother! "You are not my mother, and you'll never be anybody's mother!" he shouted, slamming his fists down on the table. Takes Place: 2nd Year - Snape flavour: Canon Snape, Kind Snape. Cat: Snape has a cold and a cat. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Something goes wrong, forcing the boys to bond and know each other in a way that they've never known anyone else before. Potions class is disrupted when Neville Longbottom's potion goes wrong, resulting in the whole class being turned into four year olds! Surprise, surprise, Dumbledore puts the job of looking after six of these kids, into Severus' hands. Harry is seriously ill, physically or psychologically. Looking for fic where Harry saves snape with unicorn wand in chamber with quirrel. It does get tiring doesn't it? All the back and forth about what kind of a person Snape was, good or bad, evil or. The Prince's Tale (Harry Potter Fanfic from the POV of Severus Snape) By writtenbythesoul on June 17, I'm not just an object of sick entertainment. She turned back to the man in the bed, her throat at risk of closing up. I apologize if I have misjudged the characters. He wondered how mad Snape would be today and he felt a slight trill run up his spine as he thought about finding out. Severus woke up at one to get ready and at half past one, he woke up Arabella, Elena and Draco. time to teach the humans a lesson. For another, she really wanted to do her homework but was forced to do it in secret, in the dead of night. Severus Snape and the Art of War by CypressWand. Reading The Harry Potter Books Fanfiction Stories. I'm pretty sure this is an m rated fic with a romance genre tag. There's a funny story where Harry accidentally time travels during Goblet of Fire, ends up with Rosmerta after dating Amelia Bones who Sirius "steals" from him, mentors Harry, and effs a bit with the minds of Draco and Snape. Punishment by Ananke [ Reviews - 6] Mr. Little did they know, they just walked in on Snape making out with another guy, who they didn't know. It's a shock when someone takes my hand tenderly and helps me to my feet. Trying to find a Sick!Harry fic where Harry has an illness that he inherited from his mother's side of the family. On Halloween night 1981, the Wizarding World celebrates Jamie Potter, the boy-who-lived, while a little girl is left on the steps of an orphanage, unaware of her real identity. Posted by By at 22 October, at 10 : 50 AM respawnables heroes apk vision. The Harry Potter world is phenomenally popular with fanfiction readers and writers. As a result, Snape demands the hat put him in Gryffindor with Lily. A potion that apparently increases the taker's brain power. Harry was only able to enjoy his victory for a few short weeks before he was captured and tortured by Lucius Malfoy. Harry Potter always believes (FUCKING Dursley) He's soulmateless because they said he's much of a freak to have one. In one of Harry's Occlumency classes with Professor Snape, Draco is invited to sit in and help. Life In Kind (complete) Author: sansa1970Rated 17+ Summary: Harry believes Snape deserves to be immortalised. Figg calls Poppy or Severus for help when the Dursley's hurt young Harry. A Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Snape is hostile to Harry due to his resemblance to his father James Potter. tom saves harry from the dursleys fanfiction. Severus and Minerva's friendship in Harry's first year (Halloween). Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed. A carefully collated selection of the best Harry Potter fanfiction out there: the most interesting, the most well-written, and the most . " Hermione and Ron sat quiet, both confused. The story must be based mostly around Harry and Snape 5. "An excellent defeat of young Draco in duelling club I must say. He was feeling, though he never would have admitted it, very nervous, and reluctance slowed his usual sweeping stride to a more sedate pace. Snape says he will provide them with a financial stipend to help care for . Written for the Sick Little Harry Challenge by Jan_AQ. After a lovely dinner that he had barely touched, Snape made his solitary way toward the Headmaster's office. Harry goes on a huge journey of growth and enlightenment in a world where Voldemort is the least of his concerns, aided and guided by all of our favorites. Summary: Severus Snape thought that he didn't have any soulmates until he looks two beautiful emerald eyes staring back at him, giving him a small shy smile, waiting to be sorted out to one of four houses. Severus Snape and Petronella Blishwick, not only found an unexpected love in each other, but an even more unexpected desire to care for the boy-who-lived; Harry Potter. Then, he put a gentle hand on the back of the raven-haired head and stroked the dark locks soothingly. Chapter One: Albus Dumbledore was just about to settle down to a pot of tea and his new knitting magazine, tired from a week of meetings at the Ministry and other such delights, when the door nearly buckled under the force of a knock that was both urgent and terrified. Harry lets the two with the biggest ego think they have won while he sets the means for their downfall. He is an exceptionally skilled wizard whose sarcastic, controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish. Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive. "Potter" Snape said in a calmer tone. harry saves the dursleys fanfiction. Harry Potter Fan Fiction Thread Goes Viral. The war is over, Voldemort has been defeated once and for all, and things are now worse for Harry than ever before. Harry looked down and noticed that he was on Severus's lap. Let me know if you also want found family/adoption fics and I'll do a separate post for them. :) Snape's Home Remedies by Cheryl Dyson reviews. Snape finally gets Harry, but has to. She is best friends with Cedric Diggory and Draco Malfoy's g. Harry Potter | Remus Lupin Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Severus Snape Hermione Granger | Adventure Romance Hogwarts Muggle Gxg Lesbian. What is the smuttiest Harry Potter fanfic you've ever. I don't think he even noticed me at first. He went back to sleep with the comfort of Snape's smell close to him. It seems like in every fic where Harry is suicidal/depressed/cutting/in need of help, Snape finds out and helps him heal. PREVIOUSLY NAMED: "BEING SNAPE'S DAUGHTER" Ella Snape is the potions' master daughter, but not his only child, though. After the first two years of living at the Dursley's, Harry was scarred and brused, extremely skinny for a three-year-old, and terrified of everyone. When the Dursleys leave a sick little Harry alone and locked in his cupboard, the boy is comforted by a dark-clad stranger. He had tried his best on his potion in class earlier, but this cold he came down with didn't help matters. Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux. The Blood Sharpie: A very good story, and one that lends itself to credibility by way of a plot in the "outside" world as well as the bolded text that Snape is reading. Then, I think it was Harry, cast it at Draco and it didnt do anything because even though Harry doesn't like Daco, he doesn't want Draco dead. Sirius Black/Severus Snape. Harry feels responsible and tries to reach him, but has to realise that he is not chosen for everything. " Harry wanted to contradict him, but his head hurt too . He thinks it's time for Harry to be himself and learn the truth, as well as open up about his horrifying, abusive past. Replaced Juan Fernández as he was unavailable at the time. It streaked down to cover his entire side of his face and Severus hurriedly tore off a section of his robes and pressed it tightly to Harry's scar. Filch, still of the belief that Harry had something to do with Mrs. Harry/Albus: ♥ Shiny and Blue by Der Mondstrahl: Harry finds himself in 1957 with new powers. Rowling 's Harry Potter series. Norris' petrification, is unsatisfied with Harry evading punishment for his "crime. After a while Severus heard Harry give a whine and a small sob. Taken aback by the sudden question, Harry was surprised that Snape of all people would notice if he felt sick, but if he did admit that he did feel sick then he knew that Snape would antagonise and belittle him. He is found by Snape,who helps him and discovers the truth about his professor. Harry Potter fanfic links (most of them involving Snape!): Alternate Universe or canon-shafted. OO also if he isn't the only submissive and someone helps him understand and embrace how he is feeling. Needing help on their homework. 2017-12-23 · Snape set himself . A second year Hermione Granger sat on the rim of a toilet in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, glaring at the streaky stains marking her white cotton panties. Answer (1 of 18): This is not only a very smutty fanfiction, but one of the most scarring and horrifying ones of all time. LAYMEE(レイミー)のワンピース「Sund OP / サンドワンピース」(LY20WT/OP03)をセール価格で購入できます。 【セール】Sund OP / サンド . Snape decides to help, regardless of whether Harry wants his help. A few people have asked for my Harry Potter/Severus Snape (Snarry) fic recs. But I'm afraid I must tell you that you cannot keep it. Phoebe Weasley is Ron's twin sister and she's a witch and both Weasley twins are going to Hogwarts. Harry finds even more ways to surprise his father, the Headmaster, and a school full of students. Long-Term Relationship (s) Summary. Harry yelled, standing up in a burst of fury. Everything is going to be alright. These are actual, Snape-is-Harry's-father Severitis stories. Includes cancer, terminal illnesses, mental disorders, long-term serious curses, certain disabilities, poisoning, flu/cold/etc, and any sickness that plays a large part in the plot. My Immortal is a Harry Potter-based fan fiction serially published on FanFiction. A collection of sickflics of Harry. Can anyone help me find a Harry Potter fanfic where Harry is raised. Hermione and Ginny delivered ear-piercing shrieks while Neville and Ron spluttered in horror. The caring side of Severus Snape Chapter 1, a harry potter. Summary: In Harry's seventh year, Dumbledore has a plan to defeat Voldemort, and it involves Dumbledore, Snape, Harry, and -- Draco Malfoy? A Slytherin In Gryffindor Clothing (complete) Author: mahaliem Romance/Humor Rated R Summary: Set in Seventh Year. Respond to the challenge! Unwell by Potions and Snitches [ Reviews - 33] Answer to Fic Fest Challenge # 6- Little Harry Potter is very sick at Number Four, Privet Drivewho will help him?. Snapped Chapter 4: Sick, a harry potter fanfic. He started to hum and eventually they both fell asleep. Harry Potter Fanfiction Search : harrypotterfanfiction. Ten minutes past two, they were all ready and mounting their brooms. "And impressive skills subduing the snake. It was still pretty early and no one was around. His emerald eyes were suddenly blazing like the basilisk's in the Chamber of Secrets. Completed November 6, 2019 Loving the FanFic. With all of this, it seems that the answer is clear: Snape is a good person. Written as a gift fic for circe during the 2005 holiday season. Magic or Non Magic will be accepted. " Harry replied, rather suspicious of why he was there. Harry Potter Humor/Crack / Fanfic Recs. When Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts, Snape is forced to reexamine his initial Summary: Hedwig is injured, and must seek help for Harry. Best Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories To Read In 2022. Also Bonus points if there is a family like feel amounts the death eaters. MA rated fics are not allowed on this site, nor is SS/HP slash (SS/HP romantic. What is the best Harry Potter fanfiction? Best Harry Potter Fanfictions #1. 308 Care in black robes » by Saphireanime 8 year old Harry runs from his abusive, neglectful family and ends up in the care of one Severus Snape who slowly uncovers his torutured past and they form a bond Snape thought was not possible for him to form with anyone, much less a Potter, and all the other people a Potter drags into his life. masters 2022 tee times friday April 30, 2022 coffee day enterprises owner on tom saves harry from the dursleys fanfiction April 30, 2022 coffee day enterprises owner on tom. Professor Snape asked as he lent on his desk just to the side of the chair that Harry was currently occupying. Bonus points if he joins Voldemort. The odd little family have evolved a tenuous trust, overcome challenges, and faced enemies together. " The old caretaker decides to take matters into his own hands. to concern the staff, Snape is brought in to 'help' Harry with his problems. "Harry, can you open your eyes for me please?" A soft voice whispered soothingly. THANK YOU!!! Takes Place: 8 - Pre Epilogue (adult Harry) - Snape flavour: None. As a Harry Potter Quora fan who is extremely sick and. When Harriet Potter starts Hogwarts, Severus Snape notices she is unusually quiet and withdrawn. Snape Harry Feels Safe With Fanfiction. robst, rorschach's blot, and a few others tend to have Harry snap. Short, sweet EWE one-shot: Harry has been visiting the injured Snape in hospital for years, hoping for him to wake from his coma. About Sick Fanfiction Harry Detention Potter. For he was about to do something that he thought he would never do,. Harry's got an allergy to a potion ingredient and Snape is not at all pleased with this as one might expect. Snape said, "Once I know more, I'll let you know. According to the series, James bullied Snape during their time together. Author's Summary: After a accident involoving a potion, Proffessor Severus Snape, is turned into a child. his room before moving out of the way so his Professor could help Harry. Harry Styles is an awful sick person. a knife to do it Lord Snape can help you if you need it" explains griphook in . Harry's Weekend with Snape Chapter 8: The Sick. And the spy, whose life soon to be owned thrice. Greek Gods Heroes Of Olympus Fanfiction. Harry half opened his eyes sleepily and felt Snape patting his bum lightly. Portrayed by: Alan Rickman (films, adult), Alec Hopkins (teen), Benedict Clarke (child), Paul Bentall ( Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, first West End run), Byron Jennings ( Cursed Child, first Broadway run) He voiced the role for the domestic release. 2005 Gift for circe: Harry returns to Hogwarts, and to Snape, with a head cold. A world where Tom Riddle is born the 31st of December 1979 and Severus Snape the 9th of January 1980. Why didn't you got to Madam Pomfrey right away? I assume your aunt and uncle took care of you whenever you were sick. PROFESSOR SNAPE AND THE-BOY-WHO-LIVED - SICK HARRY. 32 Nauseous Romance by MusicalLuna1 Harry becomes ill from a prototype the twins give him. I'm getting sick of this trope, honestly. This is the home for stories exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive. A potion that makes the taker very beautiful. [Stories which I consider to be especially well-written or significant are marked with a star - ] A Noi Si Schiude Il Ciel by E. Although, Snape was distant from where Harry was free falling from the sky, making the spell not as effective as normally it would be. Albus becomes desperate, and the Order gets help from an unexpected source. She could almost see the risk assessment being carried out in his mind before he gave her the smallest of nods. " Snape said, "I agree with you, Harry. Ginny is there to comfort him in his sickness. 2k+ Broken Wings » by Snapegirlkmf Desperate to escape his guilt and nightmares after the third task, Harry transforms into a hawk by accident and ends up breaking both wings and suffering partial memory loss. (140,000+ words) In the aftermath of war, Harry tries to pull his life back together. Blood Magic by Gateway Girl linkao3 (10678911) In Blood Only by EM Snape linkffn (2027554) Mine Series by Gillian Middleton (Mine, Snape's Vocation, The Owl and the Puppydog, Fossils and Frog. Harry's abuse by the Dursleys is discovered after an incident involving a potion. I have the same feeling as well. I remember that Snape is the one who takes care of him (It turns into a Severitus fic but I don't think Snape is ever revealed as Harry's biological father) He tells Harry that Lily had a brother who had the same illness (Leukemia maybe?). Harry said, "I can't help but think that there is another reason why Quirrell wants the stone, other than making gold I mean. After his death, Severus makes the decision to return to the world of the living, starting in the summer of 1975. There aren't just thousands of fan-written stories available to read online, but also multiple sites specializing in hosting Harry. Fanfic / Harry's New Home. Thinking that she might be sick, he takes her to Madam Pomfrey. Harry was quickly finding out that it was fun to make Snape mad. After Voldemort was slain the death eaters that remained fled, and regrouped. Draco just put the same outfit and a cloak. Unfortunately, they realize that he had actually drank a potion without knowing it. As a Harry Potter Quora fan who is extremely sick and tired. 'Oh Gods, Oh Gods', her mind raced. Delilah Potter was a highly unusual girl in many ways. "Professor Snape!" Flint sounded panicked. Professor Severus Snape ( 9 January, 1960 – 2 May, 1998) was an English half-blood wizard serving as Potions Master (1981-1996), Head of Slytherin House (1981-1997), Defence Against the Dark Arts professor (1996-1997), and Headmaster (1997-1998) of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. To give you an idea of what's . Following Snape: My second HP fanfic with adorable little Ron and Harry who are suspicious as usual and wander into the Forbidden Forest. This is an Alternate Universe story, where Petunia married a scientist. Read stories about #albusdumbledore, #abuseharry, and #abusivedursleys on Wattpad, recommended by Slytherins_snape. Snape then orders Draco to stay at Hogwarts, but the catch is that he's forced to stay in . Comments: I love the remarks Snape makes while reading. When Harry didn't answer, Snape said, "I'll tell you why, Potter, because you are lazy. Snape looked into Harry's startled eyes and found not the usual sparkling green but a new darkness and misery in the eyes that once belonged to Lily Evans. What will happen when she goes to Hogwarts?. Synopsis: Snape reads the first Harry Potter book and sets about fixing things. NightTimeCreature is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Naruto. Little Harry Potter is very sick at 4 Privet Drive. Soon after rescuing his 7yearold son, Harry, from the abusive Dursleys, Snape starts his teaching career at Hogwarts. Harry was still coughing when Snape came back holding a sippy cup of water. At the beginning of Harry's first year at Hogwarts, the staff realize that he needs someone to help him. When Harry is dropped off at the Dursley's, he is abused, tortured and starved for two years, while Snape begs Dumbledore to let him have custody of Harry. In spite of his dawdling, he arrived at the office all too soon for his taste. A flash of light transfers all the demigods and the Wizards to the summer solictice of 1981 where a note from the fates along with books on Percy Jackson and Harry Potter sends them into a frenzy of changing their fates and amending their mistakes.